Statement on the Existence of This Project

The name of this project (“Peorð”) is the Old English name for the Perþ rune. This rune represents the quests for the fullest understanding of life. This is the task I placed before myself, and you should not ignore it as well.

The purpose of my music is to display my ideas, emotions, and experiences in a form more real and interactive than other medium. These ideas are described in poetic form in my lyrics, as well as in a musical form. They merge and allow the listener to understand the presented concepts. I put a considerable amount of detail and symbolism into all aspects of each album. If the listener pays careful attention to all the music, lyrics, and artwork, they will begin to understand the core ideas and the reason for the album.

This task is for the individual and cannot be simply handed out. The truth presents itself in an abstract form in art, the form which truth can best exist in, allowing itself to be adapted for each specific individual. If you think you cannot obtain what you believe to be the purpose of the material, you need only try harder, as I am confident I have provided the best abstraction possible. The quest is yours alone. And I mean alone. A path alone is the path best known. When paths mix, intertwine, and crisscross, their aims become confused and skewed, the person in front blocking an individual's view. Others' opinions should not matter to the lone individual, only what they see and understand as true. Too often now, personal opinion is based on mass media. I suggest you be different and not pay attention to any form of this propaganda, and only base personal opinion on first hand experience, intuition, the voice of your blood, and the truth as you see it.

Questions arose in my head from a young age concerning the very essence of existence. Since the, they have never ceased. I go ever further on my path by using the techniques and wisdom of my ancient European ancestors to a greater understanding of purpose.


March 7, 2008

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