...And the Redbird Comes Home to Roost

Storm clouds gathered
Their shadows darkening everything
And I was watching with only myself
Yearning for them to fail
And drift away

Like the rotting flesh
Of a deer caught by disease
This land... fetid... noxious...
Only the parasites can grow

But still I watched all on my own
Yearning for it all to fail

Armies gathered on the call
Of the shrieking horn
Of the destitute creatures servile to the antinatural void of inverted thought
Who covered the land
With their infectious mist

Fight they did
Filled with pride
To fight against everything
Their forefathers and their forefathers' forefathers fought for

But for ever hard they fought
The horn wavered and broke
The clouds failed beneath their feet
And everything fell around them

There could be nothing else
Their efforts had no chance of success
Only failure
And a waste...

But still I watched by my own
They had failed and I was alone

The mindless sunset had passed
And the conscious night had come

I felt the soft sting of ice
And the bite of the mountain wind
It was then that I understood
That winter must come

So winter came
And blanketed the land with coarse snow
But the five-leaved ivy grows freely
And the redbird comes home to roost

Booklet notes:

This is atmospheric music and demands absolute attention.
This is a continuation of Glaring From Spacious Woods and Mountains of Eternal Frost, but in a second tier.
Written, recorded, and produced sometime from the winter of 2008/2009 to the summer of 2011 by Drēogan.
All instuments played by Drēogan.
Lyrics written by Drēogan.
Artwork by Drēogan & Z.
Dedicated to the defenders of Virginia.

That Which Douses the Flame


I sleep while the sun goes across the sky
I watch the moon in the night
I sleep while the sun goes across the sky
I watch the moon til the morning light

Chasing dreams is a thing of the past
I have the will of a fool
I watch as the world passes me by
But this world is not cruel

Sometimes it seems as though
it's death I always see.
Before long I realize
that death will come for me.

I sleep while the sun goes across the sky
I watch the moon in the night
I sleep while the sun goes across the sky
I watch the moon until morning light

Melancholy is life's worst enemy
Soon I will end
A life that once seemed eternity
When all is said and done
I will be dead

“Eternal Mortality”

I understand not why you cry
As you bid the world your last goodbye.

I understand not why you cry
At least you get to end your life.

I am kept eternally so
Death will never set me free.
So live your life and use your time
and don't ever become like me.

Booklet notes:

Written, performed, and produced by Z.
Written during the latter months of 2008.
Recorded during fleeting bouts of inspiration through the following two years.

© 2011-2012 Peordh and Dreogan Productions.
Design by Drēogan.