An Obscure Forgotten Path

Reviewed by: AK-47 @ Supernal Music

Lasting seventy two minutes and with only seven tracks, you can expect some epic material in here. PEORDH, formerly known as BERGELMIR, under which name they released only one demo in 2005, play icy and depressive Black Metal, with a gelid tone and dissonant tactics which remind of BURZUM during Varg's slower moments. However, despite the blood-curdling, remotely howled vocals, this is no BURZUM analogue; PEORDH is far weirder and somewhat experimental, with minimalist, hymnotic, drumless passages, and a strange use of synths, playing a large role in creating a truly demented, alienated atmosphere. The end result is one which makes the title quite an appropriate choice, because PEORDH's sound truly is obscure and disturbed. This is an album that needs to be absorbed in solitude, preferrably while debilitated by delirious fevers, headaches, and a strep throat that feels as if you are swallowing knives or broken glass. Under these circumstances PEORDH's jarring work can truly make you feel like wretched devil. If you despise happiness and well-being, if you have a masochistic craving for truly horrific sounds, PEORDH might provide you with a good hour of terrifying torture.

Mr. J. S. Crivello (Brighton, England) @ Amazon, 6 May 2008

Truly, truly hypnotic...

This album is raw, repetitive, droning, atmospheric black metal in the vein of Burzum's early work. The riffs on this album attack the listener with a vicious intent and then procede to circle and circle and circle and continue doing this until the listener is trapped in a black metal trance.

Dreogan (the man behind Peordh) truly made a masterpiece of atmospheric pagan black metal here and the music sums up his disillusionment with today's society and his longing for the old days of freedom perfectly.

The vocals on this album are similar to the howling that Burzum used to use but sound much better and are much more feral and anguished. the lyrics are definitely worth a read as they are excellent and go very well with the atmosphere that the album conjures.

The last two tracks on the album are excellent dark ambient pieces that round off the album perfectly and leave me feeling as though I am lost in a dark forest in a time before civilization.

I recommend this album to anyone who longs for more black metal as good as Burzum's early releases and also anyone who enjoys atmospheric black metal at all!

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