An Obscure Forgotten Path

“Hail to Those Born in a Lost Age”

Hailed be thee, born in a lost age
Life was how it was meant to be
But I am not as fortunate
And was born in an age where everything is terribly wrong
No one seems to notice
Nor do they care

Shown in infinite wisdom and truth
The Ancient Way did they follow
The only way known to them
No confusion or mistruth did they see
Only purpose and understanding

Brotherhood and tribal love
Basking in moonlight's glow
Standing on a cliff over a rising tide
These are the things that meant the most to them
But they are lost
Lost in a vast sea of time

“Hate and Mystery, Mystery and Hate”

Why has it been so?!
Why must it all show?!
An unbelievable mystery
As complicated as a blackened void if all were there, but none

Might a reward be shown?
Or am I all alone?
The strength is there
But unable to bear

All the violent misery
As a result from mystery
Is transformed into unrelenting hate
And a yearning
For what it has meant to be


The emptiness consumes...


Lost... in the modern world...
I am trapped within...
Claustrophobic nightmares
Plague my mind

A stony wall
Blocks my view
Time and time again
I must break back through

The fear rising with every second
I am away
For how do I know I can return?

Caged, chained, broken
Ripped down into bleeding darkness
I cling to any last hope
That I will once again return home

“Time of Honour, Gone”

Remind me of the past
The time of warriors
When one could fight
With freedom of triumph at war
Honour and majesty

The days of a master
Teaching an apprentice
Before global warfare
And mass controlling superpowers
A time of honour, gone

Technology was not yet
Though it is never needed
A free spirit would walk
Doing as it pleased

In these days of pending darkness
We barely notice the changing seasons
The smells of nature
A feeling of real life
It floats by, almost separately

For nothing now we are
And our time of honour, long gone...

“Though the Darkness Sometimes Fades”

Life goes on
Dark, yet light
In a spiraling
Twinging void of confusion

Yet, as far off as it seems
The understanding sustains for times
A break in an overcastting fog
Of uncertainty and plight

All the suffering is endured
For the final greatness
Is the greatest of all
And worth the fight

Only with the fight
Can the greatest
Be achieved
Once and for all time

“Under Dreary Pouring Sky and Morbid Waking Moon (The Waking of a Lost Soul)”


“And So My World Melts...”


Booklet notes:

This is atmospheric music and demands absolute attention.
Written and recorded by Drēogan during the Autumn of 2005 and the Winter of 2005/2006.
Many hails to heathen brethren and many curses to distorters of the truth.

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